Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Traffic Surge

I've noticed a recent surge in traffic to Waiter Rant. Welcome to all the new readers! My Stat Counter software indicates that several hundred people have come to the site via a Google keyword search. (Keyword - "") Is there a news story out there I don't know about? I'd like to know who my referrer is so I can thank them with a link on my blog!

Almost 200,000 visitors. I should start selling t-shirts.

Thanks for visiting the Bistro!

your blog was on the notable blogs list on the right sidebar @ when you sign into your dashboard thing. Again, thanks for the awesome blog, started reading yesterday when I saw it on the blogs of note thing and will read as long as you post.
You should definitely sell waiter rant t-shirts. I would buy one, and I bet several other people would too. Seriously
Well, people recognize quality blogging of course Waiter, you are a hero among us. Good on ya! (((((Waiter))))))) take it easy okay?
I came here from Ottmar Liebert's blog as well...but now I just come straight here. Too bad this isn't what you're getting paid for! You're a great story teller....and yes....I'd buy a t-shirt!
I also hit on your blog because it was on the right sidebar. I've enjoyed reading it and will continue to do so.
You have a sense of humour that is enjoyable to share.
Well done!
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