Friday, April 15, 2005

Sick and Tired

Sorry I haven't ben writing more. Very busy week at the Bistro and I'm under the weather. Thank God for Ny Quil!

I'll be back with more tales of horror soon!

Welcome to all the new readers! So you know - this isn't a daily blog. I post on average twice a week.

I'm off to bed. Ugh.

I hope you feel better soon ((((Waiter))). Yes, rest, chicken soup (out of the can!) and NyQuil will do you fine. Sending you "get-well-soon" vibes from Ottawa to NYC :)
Did you know there are Laws of the Psyche?

They are like Newton's laws of Motion but they are for your mind (There have been no previous attempts to do this)

I only have 3 so far, but newton only had 3, so we're even.
Rest is the first part of the word restaurant. It, like all the other syllables is only for the guests! Those who work in this industry have to follow the kitchen maxim, you only get by giving away! Enough goody two shoes, get well! I'm glad blogger featured you. I'm half a world away but glad to have found you. Just shows how deep the trenches go!
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