Sunday, October 03, 2004

Waiting tables Tip #1---Dont wait tables while your hopped up on antihistamines! ---

Cheap bastard of the night award goes to-Zamir! - $12 tip on $175 check. He goes into the shitty tipper database. Thanks you social retard! (For this prestigious award I use first names only.)

Waiting tables Tip #2 ---If a customer says, "You're the best waiter I ever had." they dont eat out much and the tip is certain to be dogshit. Just ask Zamir!----

Long tough shift. Sucking on a Budweiser and trying to relax. Tomorrow I am taking my girlfriend out for her birthday to my own place. (I know what your thinking but the food there is really good.) God I hope the waiters don't spit in my food!

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